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this is me

As you can tell from my portrait, I am of a superior species, Marmota Caligata. I enjoy sitting up on my cozy rocks high on the ridges, amusing myself with your doings. I don't complain too much when you come up to visit my home above the tree line, as long as you behave yourself more or less. Of course, since I am here all of the time, and you are merely an occasional visitor, I know so much more than you do about all the wonderful things to be found up among the ridge tops. Don't I, silly human?

You have arrived!

This is the trails and hikes site hosted by RidgeRat, the marmot with a bad attitude, featuring maps, photos, trail information, and more photos from about 25 years of hiking through the most obscure nooks of the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, in the central Cascade Mountains of the State of Washington, USA, third planet.

If you haven't been around recently, be sure to check out the new For Kids section of the site, which provides listings of hiking and camping destinations kids are likely to appreciate — not too hard to reach, but worth the effort to get there. Also don't miss the added (but partial) coverage of the Chiwawa River Area.

For those unfamiliar with this site — that means you — it is organized as four sections, as shown in links at the left:

So pick a section from the menu, and start exploring.