Further to Upper Wildcat Lake

The Lower Wildcat Lake area is moist almost all year, inhospitable and dense with brush. There is a lousy camp where the trail first reaches the lake.

It is roughly 1/2 mile from there, continuing north around the west short, to reach Upper Wildcat Lake. The route is brushy and obscure, but not unreasonable, following a small creek on the left side about 2/3 of the way; then cross over with no difficulty, and follow on the right side the rest of the way to the lake. There is a camp near the shore on the right. Crossing the creek on a log jam to the left, and penetrating some dense brush, you can find a nice second camp opposite the distinctive rocky island (missing from maps). The hill further right along the east shore will take you to the friendly upper end of the rock field seen here, where you can ascend yet one more ridge to find Lake Caroline if you haven't had enough.

Wildcat Lake