Onward to Lower Wildcat Lake

After passing around the east side of Gem Lake, still gaining elevation but at a much more even pace, the trail reaches a broad and gentle saddle above the north end of the lake. This roughly marks the end of civilization. Published trail maps do not show the trail location very accurately from this point. After traversing slowly downward across the face of the ridge for about a quarter mile, switchbacks begin their plunge, dropping almost 800 feet, taking you on a final sharp right that skirts beside a small pond (shown on maps). The route then cuts northwest, around the south end of another small pond, then almost straight north, crossing a high point with modest lake view. Swinging left, downhill and to the southwest, the trail levels out again as you cross a small feeder creek in meadows, then straight north to reach the lake at the southwest corner. This view of Lower Wildcat Lake, from about halfway down, requires a side trip of about 150 yards through boulders.

Wildcat Lake