Little Niagara


RidgeRat photo

The last few miles, descending the semi-maintained Wildhorse Trail from Frosty Pass to our camp above Wildhorse Creek, was relatively easy. In fact, it was so easy that Russell commented: "Am I going crazy, or is this trail actually going uphill instead of down?" The jury is still out on the first part, but careful examination of the topographic maps shows a 1.5 mile section of trail that gains about 300 feet elevation.

We reached camp with plenty of time to spare, and found everything we needed there for a comfortable night (including some huge wild blueberries).

There are not too many remarkable features along this long but relatively easy piece of trail, but one of my favorites is this waterfall that I have nicknamed "Little Niagara." The catch is, it is only about 18 inches high. Proportions are easily lost in a photo.

The anticlimactic task for the last day was to continue distinctly downhill for 2.6 miles to "close the loop" at the Whitepine Creek junction, and then backtrack 2.5 miles to return to the trailhead.