Climbing Back to Icicle Ridge


RidgeRat photo

After a short climb, the trail drops a little to reach to a small bench, then reverses and begins a long, moderate ascent that cuts across the slope, aiming for a dip between two of the Icicle Ridge peaks. Though definitely climbing, this is far from severe. The elevation gain seems disproportionate due to the rapid drop-off in the Doughgod Creek valley below. Looking back across the valley to the south face of Bull's Tooth, the trail starts feeling high and wild.

This trail is actually official? Yes, but not maintained. Sometimes called the "Frosty Ridge Trail," it is really just a part of the Icicle Ridge trail system. You will not find it in any of the guidebooks, unless you count some brief hints in old editions of "100 Hikes in the Alpine Lakes." Some trail maps show it, and others do not.

Finally, there is one mercifully short switchback, and you reach the ridge. A good spot for a short break.