Trap Lake

view across the lake

Descending the other side from the pass turned out to be twice the project of going up, even though the distance is shorter. There are lots of switchbacks — lots of switchbacks — with plenty of brush. Fortunately, the fog lifted enough to let us see where we were going and stay comfortable.

As you can just see above the trees below us, Surprise Lake is our destination for the day. Even though it is bypassed by the Crest Trail, Surprise Lake is typically very busy, since it can be accessed by a separate and shorter trail.

About halfway down, we diverted from the Crest Trail to the Surprise Lake cutoff trail. Though continuing to consist almost entirely of switchbacks, this rapidly-dropping trail was surprisingly good, and easier than expected, at least until the last quarter mile. Then things started to get messy. However, as we were working our way down and around these logs, a Forest Service contract crew was cutting its way up from below. If you should pass this way, these logs will not be there to bother you. New ones, possibly.

view across the lake

Amber Jurgensen photos