A side exploration.

The big trip for the day was over. It was a lazy time in the late afternoon — time for a quick nap, or maybe not. While up high on Navaho Peak, I noticed that there was another meadow about a half mile west of our camp. Not knowing what to expect, we took off cross-country to see if we could find it. I have a bad history with adventures to nowhere of this sort, but this time, the valley revealed itself without much difficulty. It was a little less level than the main Stafford Meadow, with a lot of variety — some places wet, some dry, some dense with brush and some relatively open. There was a small creek at the east side for water, with some clear spots under the trees where a small tent would fit. If things got crowded back at the main meadows, possibly this could serve as a more lonesome and restful alternate camp.

Unnamed meadow