Side trip: Squaw Lake


Amber Jurgensen photo

The next day, we needed to break camp and start heading homeward. But we didn't have to be in a hurry. We reversed our first day's route to return to the main Cathedral Pass trail. We took a hard left turn and followed the main trail about 0.4 miles, up a sequence of ramps interconnected by a few switchbacks, arriving at Squaw Lake for an early lunch.

We had seen high views of Squaw Lake over the previous couple of days, and now we could look across the lake and back up, speculating about exactly where we had been when looking down. I have heard Squaw Lake described as one of the most beautiful lakes in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. I have to confess: somehow, I don't see it. It is accessible, cute, swimmable in late summer, with quite a few camp sites. But also very busy. Many other lakes have similar features, so I don't really understand the special attraction. Lunch was good.