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Unlike most trail guides, this site maintains access information (roads, trailheads, etc.) in shared area descriptions rather than within the individual hikes. Trails are then grouped for each of the geographical areas. You can either click on one of the areas in the map below, or scroll down to see a list.


This is a work in progress. Currently, only a few of areas are covered, and those only partly. The goal is to add new listings to this site at a rate of about one a week. That's about 50 new entries per year... We'll see what happens.


Area map

hike areas
Area number Area name
1 Middle Fork Snoqualmie area
2 Bandera Plateau area
3 North Fork Snoqualmie area
4 Snoqualmie Summit area
5 Kachess Highlands area
6 Teanaway area
7 Mt Daniel area
8 Skykomish area
9 Surprise area
10 Becker River area
11 Upper Icicle area
12 Chiwaukum area
13 Icicle Ridge area
14 French Creek area
15 Enchantments area
16 Nason Ridge area
17 Little Wenatchee area
18 White River area
19 Chiwawa River area
20 Entiat River area