What could be better than a sunny snack of bagels and fruit bars on a big flat-topped granite boulder?





Well, obviously, when that big flat-topped granite boulder is right beside a frog pond!





Kids are going to discover all sorts of new things... delicious blue berries, gross slime molds, bugs with strange bug-eyes, and how you can't stop a creek from flowing by piling lots of rocks in it — even if it is fun trying. If you were planning to march straight through to your destination on schedule, think again.

What you can expect is that there will be surprising new things, all sorts of distractions. Details like the trip schedule, reaching the intended destination, and getting tents set up before dark are secondary. Think big picture, improvise small. Let them reinvent the trip as you go, and try to keep some options open.

There is a certain amount of overlap between day hiking destinations or overnight destinations — in one case, you should have enough energy for a return trip, regardless of what else happens. In the other case, you need enough time and energy to get camp set up before dark.


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