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Faint Praise

Web sites as erratic as this one don't happen by accident. A lot of different contributors have directly or indirectly made this all possible, despite their protests.


Information presented here is based on personal observation. Though cross-checked against various sources (guide books, USGS quads, GPS tracks, etc.) not everything you see is guaranteed to be reliable. Use a little judgment before wandering out into the wilderness, OK? Despite relative proximity to very populated areas, there are real and serious dangers out there. All text content is under copyright, but you are granted the right to make as many copies as you want for your personal use and enjoyment — just not for commercial purposes.


All images you see on this site are under copyright by Larry Trammell (aka the RidgeRat) unless specifically credited to another owner who reserves copyright. You may make as many copies as you want for your own personal use and enjoyment, but not for commercial purposes.

If you have commercial purposes in mind, don't panic! There are higher resolution versions of most of the images. Send me an e-mail at ridgerat-web AT nwi DOT net, and then settle back for a long wait.

All image preparation is done using GIMP 2.8, which is a free and open source software distributed by gnu.org.

Web Design

Pages on this site are derived from "open source" CSS templates, and let's give credit where it is due.

The home page and trip index page are based on the Andreas01 CSS template by Andreas Viklund. (Actually, I started from a wider-format adaptation by Jason Cole.) If you see something that is obviously defective, I can take full credit for that part. The original template is available for free use and distributed under the General Public License (version 2). In that spirit, if you want to use layouts from this site, you are welcome to save pages with your browser and recycle the saved CSS styling files for your own projects. But remember to use your own content and images! The site content remains under copyright.

The hikes pages were derived from another open source template, the 2green design by Minimalistic Design; however, I modified a few significant items: the page size, margins, font types, color scheme, graphics, and column placement. OK, basically nothing from the original stylesheet remains, but it was definitely helpful for getting started.

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